8 Ways Of Preventing And Controlling Bedbugs

Preventing and controlling of bed bugs is of importance as this can cause health issues. This insect may get into a new house or your home from luggage, furniture and bedding moved in and around the house. This is most rampant when second hand furniture are moved or brought into the house.
Seemingly clean homes can be infected with bed bugs as they can stay without feeding for months. Also, birds or bats that flies into the house could introduce bedbugs too. The control of beg bugs is very paramount.

Traveling: When you travel and lodging away from home always remember to check bedding for signs of infestation, such as tiny rust colored spots on bed sheets, mattress tags and bed skirts to avoid bringing bed bugs back home with you. Check bed surroundings and spots such as bed frame, furniture mattress, headboard, artwork, electrical outlet panels and picture frame. When you return home do not unpack your luggage on the bed, keep them in the closet and keep clothing immediately in the dryer at highest setting temperature to kill the buds that came along, if any.

Block and Seal: Block and seal all area that pipes and wires penetrate walls and floor. Fill cracks around baseboards to further reduce hiding areas.

Reduce cluttering: By removing clutter find bedbug will be easier. Remove items like blankets, electronics, soft toys that does not stay in the room permanently. Be cautious when removing items from an infected area as bedbugs can be transferred to another room. It is advised to bag them in plastic with sealing strips.

Cleaning the Area: Bedbugs like and usually cling tightly to surfaces, so it is advised when cleaning, scrub infected surfaces with stiff brush and not bristle brush to dislodge eggs and also to avoid bedbugs from being transferred by clinging to the bristle brush. Also, use vacuum cleaner to thoroughly vacuum crevice, cracks, holes, bed stand, foot boards, edges, rails, carpets etc. Vacuum bags can be disposed by burning or throwing away in the outdoor trashcan.

Wash Infested Cloths: Wash and dry your cloths, bed sheet and linen with the highest temperature allowed for the fabric or use a dryer for heating the garment for several minutes.
Disassemble Bed Frames: By disassembling bed frames you expose bedbug hideouts. This will make it easier for you to spray directly on them during clean up. If the mattress is infected you can consider using mattress encasement and keep on for one year, by then their cycle would have expired.

Open and remove dresser Drawers: When cleaning, remover drawers from dresser desks or tables. Move and turn furniture away from walls to inspect and clean as bedbugs like to hide in this areas.

Bedbug, electronics and other appliances: Bedbugs and electronic appliances are best of friends as they provide a perfect hiding place for them. Use magnifying glass and flashlight to check them closely. You can place smaller ones in a bag with Nuvan Strips which is an effective way to save the device.

The use of insecticide is also helpful but check for the right type of insecticide before buying and praying.

If the infestation is very severe consult pest control.


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