Each and every woman is pron to vaginal infections. Vaginal infection can occur in woman when bacteria,

fungi and Viruses grow in and around the vagina area. some bacteria grows in the vagina of woman

which helps to keep the vagina healthy and controls any growth of bad bacteria.  An example of

such bacteria is Lactobacilli. Most woman has vagina discharge at one time or the other. A normal

discharge will be clear or slightly milky and can be clumpy or slippery. A change in the normal

discharge in woman may signify a vaginal problem or infection.

Some types of vaginal infection include;

     1.   Viral vaginitis

     2.   Trichomoniasis.

     3.   Chlamydia vaginitis (Gonorrhoea)

     4.   Bacteria vaginosis.

     5.   Yeast infection.

Causes of vaginal infection are as follows;

     1.   Poor or lack of dietary intake.

     2.   Infection from sexual activity.

     3.   Tight clothing.

     4.   Applying of creams.

     5.   Douching.

     6.   Extreme illness.

     7.   Abrasion.

     8.   Spray.

     9.   Tampons.

     10. Contamination by faeses.

The symptom of vaginal infection are listed below;

     1.   Experiencing pain during urination.

     2.   Pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse.

     3.   Unusual discharge coloration.

     4.   Experiencing pain during urination.Abnormal vaginal discharge

     5.   Smell of the vaginal discharge.

     6.   Itching.

     7.   Pain in the abdomen.

     8.   Bleeding after sexual intercourse.


     1.   Do not wear tight underwear that traps moisture.

     2.   Take drugs as prescribed by your doctors.

     3.   The vaginal area should be kept clean and dry always.

     4.   Regular bathing is advisable for cleansing of the vaginal.

     5.   Remove swimming cloths immediately after swimming.

     6.   Do not use douches.

     7.   After using the toilet always wipe from back to front.

     8.   Change of tampons and sanitary wears at intervals.

     9.   Avoid using sprays,creams and irritating soap.

    10.  Do not use or manage dirty toilet.

    11.  Garlic can also be used in preventing vaginal infection.

As soon as any of the symptoms are visible or noticed,please consult your doctor for immediate


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