Eating well is living well. What,when and how we eat will determine on how our body will function
properly. Many people eat wrong food, unhealthy food and junk food because of lack of time and knowledge.

Below are the list of things you should eat or avoid to have good health;

     1.   Eat grain foods that are cooked in their natural form such as beans, corn, millet, wheat and oat
           with little or no condiment like sugar or milk.they contain plenty of fibers and vitamins that
           are essential for the health of the body.The are satisfying for breakfast.

     2.   Reduce the intake or use of salt to prevent hypertension and stroke.

     3.   Pawpaw, watermelon, apple, banana, orange are excellent fruits to be eating as they provide
           vitamins and minerals  for protection from illness such as heart disease and cancer.

     4.  Vegetables preferably to be taken daily to ensure immunity from illness and provides adequate
          fibers for cleansing the intestine.small amount of red tomatoes and pepper, white onions and
          green spinach or cucumber.

    5.  Go low on alcohol to prevent damage to the liver and brain.

    6.  Dairy product such as low fat yoghurt,skimmed milk are good for the body, most importantly
         the stomach and the intestine. It also supplies calcium which are very essential to the function
        of bones and heart.

   7.  Eat low on red meat and pork, if possible avoid it. Remove skins of meat as all animals keep
        50% of their cholesterol in their skin.The rest of animal cholesterol is found in their organs
        like liver, brain, heart and kidney.The lesser the meat or organs consumed the healthier the

   8.  Reduce sugar to prevent weight gain and diabetes.

   9.  Eat fish as they are rich in omega 3-6-9 oil that the body requires for the protection of heart
        attack and healthy heart function. The fish can be grilled, stewed, baked and dried but not
        smoked or fried.

Remain healthy. You can also read on the 12 tips of living well.


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