Sore throat is a pain or irritation of the throat. Sore throat can cause mild to severe pain. It is mostly

caused by acute inflammation of the throat which can last for several days. It can also appear as a

result of trauma and other conditions.

Causes of sore throat

There are many factors that can cause sore throat which include;

     1.   Infection of the adenoids and tonsils.

     2.   After treatment with antibiotics or other immune-compromising medications.

     3.   Cold and flu as a result of exposure to extreme cold things.

     4.   Intake of hot food or drink.

 If your sore throat is not healed or relieved between one or two weeks or you find it difficult to

breath or swallow or you have joint pain or ear pain, it is a sign of serious illness kindly consult

you doctor.

Prevention of sore throat  can be done in the following ways;

     1.   Do not get exposed to extreme cold.

     2.   Do not use or share utensils, towel and napkins of an infected person.

     3.   Avoid smoking and smoke from cars and generators.

     4.   Wash your hands regularly with soap or use hand sanitizers.

     5.   Avoid exposure to common household chemicals.

     6.   Avoid extreme cold or hot drinks.

Intake of vitamin C, warm fluids like tea and water, gargling with warm salty water can help solve

sore throat problems.


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