You need to do regular excercise to burn out excess fat.


Fruits are a good source of vitamin needed by the body.

Being healthy

Healthy home brings about healthy family. keep your environment clean.


Vegetable are rich in nutrients. Enrich the body with nutrients.


Consult your doctor when you notice any strange symptom and when needed.

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9 Nutritional Food For Pregnant Woman

The fact of being pregnant overwhelms some woman as they are faced with different taught and

questions. Some pregnant woman tends to uncontrollably while some ask themselves “What kind of

10 Essential Healthy Food For Breast Feeding Mothers

Breast feeding mothers requires lots of intake of nutritional foods which help in the production of

high nutrition milk for feeding of their new babies. Some mothers find it difficult to eat well during

breast feeding as this tends to have negative effect on their babies. What you eat is what you give