8 Best Ways To Help Someone That Is Depressed

8 best ways to help someone that is depressed

Helping someone that is depressed is of importance. You want to show care and love to them.
Always keep in mind that care and support alone cannot cure depression but that they will need to seek medical care to recover fully. Below are 8 best ways to help someone that is depressed;

Be available to talk about it: Always be available for them anytime they feel like talking. Let them know you care about them. Offer to take them for treatment. Watch out for signs of negativity and hopelessness each time they talk with you and never be afraid to call for treatment if they are not in a safety state.

Set small goals: Help a depressed person achieve small goals instead of trying to set big goals which will not be achieved. Also bear in mind that you should be positive and praise the small goals that has been achieved by the depressed person because this will motivate and also help regain a sense of reward for achievement.

Inspire to visit the doctor: It is advised that you encourage or inspire the person to visit a psychologist or physician regularly. The person should try to be a part of a CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) for depression and also encourage the person to take medications as prescribed by the doctor.

Read books about depression: Doing research by reading books about depression can help, as this books contain advices, sources of guidance and different type of treatment available. Books such as “overcoming Depression One Step at a Time” can be helpful.

Seek for local services: Try to explain to a person that is going through depression that seeking early treatment can help solve the issue because if not treated timely can become worse or become chronic as they themselves don’t know or understand that they are depressed. Also the use of online resource is advised to seek local services, support services or specialist in your locality.

Give attention: Given attention to a person or loved one that has faced depression in the past is a very good way of helping. The depression could be from job loss, loss of a family member in death, divorce or marital separation. Given attention can help your loved one that has suffered depression have a chance of moving forward. Be ready to help.

Always stay in contact: In helping a depressed person always try to be in contact with them. Call them or invite them for some form of activities, most especially what interest them. Do not pressurize them into any activity. Routines or daily activities that promote nutrition, healthy amount of sleep and exercise are helpful. Help them with activities that are pleasurable, rewarding and promote a sense of accomplishment as this is one of the 8 best ways to help someone that is depressed

Treatment and care is key: What you can do for a friend or loved one is to participate in their treatment. Tell them that depression is a medical condition that requires medical care and not doing anything about it will not make depression go. Try to support their treatment, make sure they seek medical care and psychosocial support and most importantly let them know that you are in their support.


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