11 Goodbye To Depression

11 goodbyes to depression

Depression can be related to negativity, Most depression if not all is a result of one failure or the other. Though medication is a way in which depression can be helped but it can also be helped by (CBT) cognitive behavioural therapy
which emphasis on changing behaviour, “that is; what you are thinking or doing that is causing the depression”. Below are some of the 11goodbyes to depression;

Don’t ruminating: Ruminating is the act of reflecting negatively. Ruminating can occur if you are thinking obsessively about a fight or crash with a friend, neighbor, colleague or relative which can increase anxiety, stress or anger and can leave you in a state of depression. It is best to reflect positively by trying to redirect your thoughts to something more important.

Choose goals that are smart: Choose goals that are smart, that is, goals that are attainable, specific and rewarding. Goals that are straightforward and easily set and follow.  Getting a job by the end of the week is not realistic but saying that you will send three of your resume at the end of the week is smart, attainable and rewarding at the end.

Forget about the past: Try not to dwell in the past. Anxiety and depression can be caused by ruminating about the past. You do not need to beat yourself because of what you did not do or what you should have done. Whatever the case may be, the past is gone but you can make best of the present. Be positive in your thought that you made the best decision in the past and your present will be better.
Step down your thoughts: People that are depressed tend to convince themselves that they know what will happen in the nearest future and it will always result in a bad outcome. It is advice that you try to stay in the present as much as possible so as not to blow things out of the extraordinary.

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Do not treat yourself bad: When depressed do not treat or talk to yourself in a bad way. Try to compare the way you talk or treat to yourself and the way you do to others. If there is a difference, try to treat yourself in a better and gentler way. Treat yourself the way you treat others.

Stop catastrophizing: Don’t make an incident become a source of negativity rather try to be positive. Depression set in if you start to condemn yourself after you suffer a loss. Say for example you lost your job, don’t catastrophize that you will soon be homeless but rather think that you will soon get another job  and it’s just a matter of time.

Get in touch with others: Staying isolated or just staying indoors and avoiding people because you are feeling depressed will only increase the state you are in. You need to avoid idle and isolated areas and start reconnecting with people, as study shows that people who are depressed, that start going to meet other people in the same conditions or meeting up with friends tend to have higher chance of overcoming depression. Advice is that go out reconnect and have fun.

Avoid extreme thinking: Depressed people think of the extreme negativity. Their thoughts are totally negative. The thoughts can paralyze and stop them from doing what will help them get out of the situation they are in. They believe in bad luck, nothing can ever be positive. Their thoughts are like they can never be successful, they can never get a job, and they can never reach their goals. It is advice that you should try to make your thoughts positive. Try to think of it that you can be very successful, you can get a very good job and you can reach or meet your goals.

Things you formally do: When depressed, you feel sad and unhappy, you tend to stop doing many things. Even those that makes you happy. List out the things you used to do which makes you happy before you became depressed. It could be singing, reading newspaper, watching movies at the cinema etc. Start introducing this activities back into your life gradually, rearranging your apartment and visiting friends can all help the situation.

Denying depression: If you are depressed, it is better you accept it because if you don’t it will only make you be in a more depressed state. Some people still don’t accept but my advice is that, accepting the condition you are in will help proffer solution and get better treatment.

Try to regulate your activity: People who are depressed do things inconsistently. They eat and sleep whenever they like. Some do sleep in the day which prevents them from sleeping at night allowing them to start ruminating. It is advice that people with depression should accord a routine or a times table whereby they eat or sleep at a certain time. This helps a depressed person get out of the depressed mood.

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