8 Different Causes Of Depression

Depression can be triggered by different causes. The causes are so many
but few of the causes include unemployment, trauma, financial troubles,
grief, peer bully etc. It is a known fact that depression can cause people
to take irrational decision which at times may lead to loss of life.
The causes mentioned above are the most common causes of depression but there are still some that
may also trigger it which include;

Cessation of Smoking: Study as shown that there is a link between Smoking and depression. Depression comes from withdrawal or cessation of smoking. The nicotine from cigarettes increase the dopamine in the brain which transcends to depression when a smoker tries and decides to stop smoking. It is advisable to avoid or stay away from smoking.

Sleeplessness: Sleeping helps to rejuvenate the body. This is the time where the brain needs to rest after the day’s activities. It is also the period where the brain cells get replenished. Depriving oneself from enough or regular sleep will affect the brain which will cause or lead to depression.

Pills (Birth control): The presence of progesterone in birth control pills can have side effect on some women. It actually does not affect all women. Some women that has traces of depression or can at any time be depressed could be affected if the pills are taken. It is as a result of this that women are advised to seek alternative birth control measures.
Weather: Seasonal changes is another trigger for depression. In some individual their body delay in adjusting to the seasonal or weather change. This delay could be as a result of brain imbalances. Also the taught in change of weather mostly sunny or summer season could trigger depression.

Residence: The environment where you live also play a part in depression trigger. Study shows that people who live in cities have higher risk of depression than those that live in the rural areas because their brain process more activity daily.

Medications: Some medical drugs such as insomnia drugs, Lopressor for high blood pressure treatment, premarin for symptoms of menopausal, anxiety drugs and Accutane for severe acne treatment all have side effects that lead to depression. It is advised that you check with your doctor before usage of such drugs.

Lack of fish in the diet: Research shows that women who did not take or introduce fish in their diet have a greater risk of depression. It is advised that fish be introduced to diets or increase intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

Family relationship: Another cause of depression from study shows that sibling that did not get along during their youthful days or before the age of 20 years tends to get depressed later in life.

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Other causes of depression includes;



Peer pressure.

Being in debts.

Financial instablilty.

Marital problems.

Job instability.


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