Sleeping is an essential part of our live that we do not take seriously. Sleeping is rejuvenating,

as your phone battery discharges the energy inside it as it is been utilized per hour so does our

body discharge its own energy from utilization during the day.Sleep is the only way at which our

utilized energy can be restored or rejuvenated.Healthy sleep means healthy hygiene.

The only way the body speaks or shows that the energy level is either low or fully utilized

is head ache, tiredness, fatigue, dozing,body ache and drowsiness.

The best time to fully recharge the lost energy in the body is through sleeping at night. Everybody

needs about 7 hours of sleep every day for the body to regain its utilized energy which will give

maximum energy for optimal function in the morning with potential for peak performance, effective

and efficient results.

Several factors that can interfere with sleep causing inadequate and ineffective recharging of the lost

energy are listed below;

     1.   Coffee, soft drinks and tea
     2.   Cigarette smoking.

     3.   Kola nuts.

     4.   Alcoholic drinks.

     5.   Heavy food.

Uncomfortable and unsupportive bed should be discourage to allow for good sleep.

Electronic equipments and work materials should be removed from the bedroom.

Training your body to have a unic bed timing both during the week and weekends.

Sleeping 7 hours is essential for you to have good health, well-being and long life.

Don't hesitate to see your doctor or sleep therapist if you are still having sleeping problems.


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