Living well is everyone's desire. All you need do is follow this 12 tips listed below;
1.   Make time in your schedule for relaxation and fun.

 2.   Be flexible; learn to accept what you can't change.

 3.  When you get tensed, close your eyes and take  about 12 slow deep breaths.

 4.   Break down big task into small tasks.

 5.   Eat well and eat right.

 6.   Have some short stretch breaks during the day.

 7.   Plan by writing out your to do list and try not to add to the ones you have decided on.

 8.   Do not let stress get the better part of you. Share jokes with others.

 9.   If you have persistence physical or emotional problems ,consult a doctor immediately.

10.  Share your problems with a trusted Relative or friend.

11.  Sleep for about 7- 8 hours daily.

12.  Exercise for about 5 times per week and for about 20 - 30 minutes.


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