Low sperm count is having a sperm that is lower than the number of sperm required to fertilize your

partners eggs or make her pregnant. Over the years, boosting of sperm count as been on research.

Many homes and marriages are faced with the issue of low sperm count and some home have broken

up. There are causes or factors which is responsible for men inability to make their partners

pregnant due to low sperm count. This factors include;

     1.   Exposing the testicles to heat.

     2.   The use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs can reduce the number of healthy sperm in a mans


     3.  Weight or obesity can cause low sperm count.

     4.   Low sperm count can also be hindered by side effects of certain medications.

     5.   Low sperm count can be caused by taking continuous hot baths and placing computer laptop

           on your lap.

     6.   Extended exposure to industrial  chemicals such as toluene, organic solvents, painting

           materials and lead can cause low sperm count.

     7.   Cycling for a prolonged period can affect the production of healthy sperm.

     8.   Emotional stress is also another cause that affect some hormones needed to produce healthy

     9.    Illness and infection is another cause which affects the production of healthy sperm.

Having seen some of the causes of low sperm count. Let us now look at possible treatment or

prevention of low sperm count which includes;

     1.   Treat infections immediately at the hospital.

     2.   Reduce or stop the exposure of the scrotum or testicle to heat.

     3.   Do not place your computer laptop on your lap.

     4.   Avoid heavy blow on your testicles.

     5.   Avoid cycling for a prolonged period.

     6.   Through surgery, if sperm caring veins and tubes are damaged or as advised by your


     7.   Eating of oysters can boost sperm production because it contains high level of zinc. About

           eight or more oysters a week is advisable.

     8.   Dark chocolate is also helpful in sperm production due to its high antioxidant contents.

     9.   Garlic, walnut and ginseng are also sperm production booster.`


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