You can have a better life and live a better health  by doing the tips below;

     1.  Never underestimate a helping hand .Ask for help and get support.

     2.  Stop worrying and start living, growing and developing yourself. Always believe that things

          will turn out better at the end.

     3.  Relaxation is a way of relieving stress. Relax by exercising, games, reading, praying, visiting, friendly

          social gathering, entertainments and participating in community development.

     4.  Always think good to feel good and feel good to do well.

     5.  Stop misusing your time and energy through regrets, negative thinking, self pity and


     6.  Take care of yourself. It is you responsibility alone.

     7.  Always give room for flexibility and adjustment.

     8.  There is no solution in blaming others, move on.

     9.  Negative emotions and failure are not unique to you alone. See them as a challenge, pass

          through them and move on.

Always believe in yourself and know that the only constant thing in life is change. Read more on 30 healthy home tips.


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