Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease to humans which spread through the bloodstream to any

organ in the body mostly the lungs, can be caused by a species of mycobacterium. Tuberculosis

can be a deadly disease if not treated properly. The bacteria can be inactive in humans whose

immune system is high. Once the immune system becomes weakened the bacteria becomes active.

People that are prone to be infected with tuberculosis are mostly people who has HIV, those

staying in  a populated area, staying  and sharing a place or room that is not well ventilated with

an infected person, the elderly, homeless people, smokers and poor communities.

Tuberculosis can be transmitted through the following by an infected person;

     1.   Speaking.

     2.   Spitting.

     3.   Sneezing.

     4.   Coughing.

     5.   Sharing or injection of illicit drugs.

Factors that can facilitate tuberculosis in human include;

     1.   Kidney disease.

     2.   Poor diet.

     3.   Diabetes.

     4.   Sickness (HIV).

     5.   Anti immune reduction medications.

     6.   Smoking.

     7.   Cancer (Head).

     8.   Alcohol.

Symptions of tuberculosis is as follows;

     1.   Back pain.

     2.   Fever.

     3.   Loss of appetite.

     4.   Chest pain.

     5.   Fatigue.

     6.   Heavy cough (Tick mucus).

     7.   Night sweats.

     8.   Weakness.

     9.   Weight loss.

Some of the preventive measures for tuberculosis are highlighted below;

     1.   Vaccination of infants help to prevent tuberculosis.

     2.   Advice tuberculosis patient to complete their treatment.

     3.   Use face mask when in an institution that cares for people with tuberculosis.

     4.   Stop spending long period in a confined room with an infected TB person.

     5.   Do not smoke.

     6.   Reduce the intake of alcohol.

     7.   Eat nutritional diet.

     8.   Boost your immune system (see article on increase your immune to stay

Visit your doctor or physician when you notice any of the symptoms and also to stop

the spread of the disease.


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