Caring for your teeth will save you from teeth and gum pain,decay and mouth odour.

It will also save you some money meant to be paid to dentists.

Here are some help tips to care for you teeth;

     1.  Avoiding using your teeth as an opener to open bottle tops so as to prevent your teeth from
          breaking and injuring your gum.

     2.  Reduce the intake of food that contains sugar such as Cake and ice cream.

     3.  Preferably brush your teeth after meal.

     4.  Brushing of your teeth should take at least 2 to 3 minutes per wash and twice daily. Use small
          and soft bristles tooth brush that can get to every side of the teeth.

     5.  Reduce the intake of soft drinks and sugar drinks because of their acidic nature to avoid having
          holes in your teeth or causing teeth decay.

     6.  Do not use sharp objects to pick the strands of beef, chicken or turkey in you teeth to avoid
          piercing your gum. Use dental floss.

    7.   Avoid drinking extremely cold liquid or hot food.

    8.   Brush top of the tongues gently.

    9.   Change your tooth brush once in 3 months

Once you follow this steps you will rarely have teeth problems. In the event that you have problem

with your teeth, kindly visit your dentist.


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