Despite the damage you have done from years of poor postures, no matter how
old you are, flexibility can be regained by stretching regularly. Improvement

can be seen within weeks.

Stretching isn't just for when you exercise.

Stretching at least 3 times a day  for 5 minutes offers great benefits to your health,

fitness and wellness. It gives you more energy and helps function better mentally.

When you stretch you lenghten the muscles and tendons in the body.

Stretching regularly reduces tension and stress in the body instantly, improves

blood flow to the brain, gives you a surge of energy and makes you feel better and

look younger immediately.

Enhanced flexibility improves your posture, health and fitness in ways you don't know.

Stretch the neck shrug the shoulders, lift the arms up across the head, twist the

mid-section, wriggle the body, bend the back, tuck the tummy in and out, raise the legs

forward squart, lounge and flex the knees.

Stretching can be done anywhere, anytime, anyhow and in any position-sitting or standing.

As you increase in age you increase your body's range of motion through stretching.


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