Measles is an acute highly infectious disease. It is a disease of mostly the children but it also affects

adults. Measles is an airborne disease. If not properly treated can lead to serious problem like

meningitis, appendicitis and lungs infections. About 80% to 90% of people that are not immune,

living with an infected person, will catch measles. Measles lasts for about two weeks but infection

period is within the first 4 days. It is a noticeable disease, once you are infected and treated the first

time, you cannot be infected again.In adults the symptoms is more severe.

Factors that can increase the infection of measles include;

     1.   Lack of vitamin A.

     2.   Pregnancy.

     3.   Visiting areas where there is an outbreak of measles or measles prone areas.

     4.   Poor diet (malnutrition).

     5.   Un-immunized  infant.

Signs and symptoms of measles are highlighted below;

     1.   Fever.

     2.   Sore throat.

     3.   Runny nose.

     4.   Sneezing.

     5.   Tiredness.

     6.   Red sore eyes.

     7.   Diarrhea.

     8.   Spots inside the mouth.

     9.   Coughing.

     10.  Skin rash mostly from the head to the body.

     11.  Irregular spots (Koplik spot).


Prevention could be done in the following ways;

     1.   Good nutrition.

     2.   Keeping unimmuned person away from infected persons.

     3.   Don't share living space with an infected person.

     4.   Don't visit infected areas where there is an outbreak of measles.

     5.   Taking of measles immunization vaccines.

     6.   Don't share food and drinks with an infected person.

     7.   Infected person should stay away from school, work and public places.  

Consult your doctor if you notice any of the symptoms of measles highlighted above.


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