There are countless benefit in Losing weight. It is far easy to gain weight than to lose weight. The more

the weight loss the healthy a person becomes. In losing weight you need to change your diet and life

style. Losing about 5% equaling 10 pounds of weight and or more percentage means more health benefits.

The benefits of losing weight includes;

     1.   Blood pressure reduction.

     2.   Reduction in cholesterol levels.

     3.   Ability to sleep well.

     4.   Type 2 diabetes prevention.

     5.   Improved breathing.

     6.   Mobility improvement.

     7.   Increase in energy level.

     8.   Fertility improvement.

     9.   Reduced risk of heart diseases.

     10.   Improvement in blood sugar level.

     11.   Reduced back pain.

     12.   Reduction in the risk of cancer and stroke.

     13.   Reduced risk of degenerative arthritis.

     14.   Self confidence.

Losing weight is a decision that one has to make before you can achieve your target. Below are

some tips you can do to reduce your weight;

     1.   Drink juice made from natural fruits and vegetables.

     2.   Drink (8 cups) of cold water at regular intervals throughout the day (Before meal inclusive).

     3.   Exercise for about 5 - 30 minutes daily (Physical activities that you like).

     4.   Eat moderately.

     5.   Feed more on oatmeal and wheat bread.

     6.   Do not eat late night.

     7.   Include fruits and vegetables such as apples, oranges, spinach, carrots, turnips, cucumber,

           cabbage (green), lemon.

     8.   Drink green tea which helps to burn fat.

     9.   Stop the intake of calorie building food like cakes, ice cream.

     10. Do not rush your meal.

     11. Introduce protein food into your meal.

     12. Cook more of low fat foods.

From the benefits listed above, you can see that loosing those unwanted  fat and weight gives you

more confident. Restore your confidence with this weight loss tips listed above. Loose those

unwanted weight  now.

It will help your health status.

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