Bed wetting  or nocturnal enuresis is passing out urine while sleeping unconsciously. Bed wetting

is a normal process in infant,which will eventually stop as they grow older and be able to control

there bladder flow. Bed-wetting in young men and woman can be embarrassing and they will

keep it secret. Sharing a room or bed with someone else could be worrisome . In some instances

the person may visit the toilet more often during the day meaning that their bladder either gets full

quickly or they have small bladder which cannot contain high flow from the kidney. It is an issue

which needs medical attention.

Bed-wetting can be caused by different factors but not limited to the factors highlighted below;

     1.   Cancer of the bladder.

     2.   Infection of the urinary tract.

     3.   Constipation.

     4.   The size of the bladder is small.

     5.   Urine not fully urinated out living some amount inside the bladder.

     6.   Intake of illegal drugs or medications.

     7.   Infection that as to do with the kidney.

     8.   Enlargement of the prostate gland.

     9.   High intake of alcohol.

    10.  Bladder not able to hold much urine which causes high urination rate.

    11.  Stress and nervousness.

    12.  Brian disorders (neurological).

    13.  Diabetes.

Bed-wetting could be prevented in the following ways;

     1.   Be supportive.

     2.   Do not drink liquids some hours to bedtime.

     3.   Have a positive attitude towards stopping bedwetting.

     4.   Stop the intake of alcohol most especially night times.

     5.   Learn how to hold your urine during the day so as to help checkmate bed-wetting.

     6.   Use of bedwetting alarm to schedule urination time when sleeping.

     7.   Reduce caffeine intake.

     8.   Do not tease your child about bed-wetting but rather encourage the child.

     9.   Urinate before going to bed.

The prevention can also be a way of solving the problem but if the person is having

medical issues or disorder, then a visit to the doctor is necessary to help solve the

problem associated with bed wetting.


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