Psoriasis is a non contagious  disease which affects the skin. It is a

silvery scaly patches on the skin which turn red when scratched. The

disease affects anybody but mostly age bracket of

15 - 42 years. Psoriasis can stay for a longer period of time. Sometimes it can be difficult to

know because it could look like other skin diseases. Psoriasis can occur in any part of the

body such as;

     1.   Elbows.

     2.   Legs.

     3.   Scalp.

     4.   Hands.

     5.   Knees.
     6.   Face.

     7.   Back.

     8.   Chest.

Psoriasis has different types depending on the area of the body that is affected which includes;

     1.   Pustular Psoriasis - This type can affect small or widearea of the body with blister that

           has puss.

     2.   Inverse Psoriasis - This affects areas that the skin folds (armpits).

     3.   Plaque Psoriasis - Red small bumps in any part of the body with dead skin cells around
           this areas.

     4.   Nail Psoriasis - This affects areas such as the toe nail and finger nails.

     5.   Erythrodermic Psoriasis - This affects like 70% of the body with severe pain,itching and


Factors that can increase the risk of psoriasis or cause psoriasis to reoccur includes;

     1.   High intake of alcohol.

     2.   Burns or bites on the skin.

     3.   High or low contact with sunlight on the skin.

     4.   Smoking.

     5.   Drugs (used in treatment).

     6.   Having dry skin.

     7.   Infections.

     8.   Poor immune system.

     9.   Physical and emotional stress.

Prevention could be carried out in the following ways;

     1.   Reduce alcohol intake.

     2.   Do not smoke.

     3.   Have some leisure time by relaxing.

     4.   Have you bath daily and regularly.

     5.   Moisturize your skin with simple cream or lotion.

     6.   Eat nutritional diets.

     7.   keep away from certain medicines or drugs.

     8.   Do not scrub or rub your skin too hard while bathing.

Visit you doctor for treatment if you notice any form of psoriasis in your body.


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