Mouth ulcer is known to be a painful wound, sore or opening of the skin inside the mouth. It is not a serious

disease or affliction because healing can take few days. Aphthous ulcer which needs medical attention. it is

a sore in the mouth that reoccurs or takes longer period to heal. Mouth ulcers does not have

a particular cause but it could sometimes be caused by stress, accidentally biting of the mouth

or some hormonal disorders. If mouth ulcer (aphthous) is not treated it can lead to complications.

The following can be symptoms of mouth ulcer;

     1.   Inability to eat properly.

     2.   Difficulty in brushing the teeth.

     3.   Unable to chew properly.

     4.   Mouth odour.

     5.   The skin around the sore becomes swollen.

     6.   The sores becomes irritated from spicy foods.

     7.   Presence of sores in the mouth.

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Mouth ulcers can be prevented in the following ways;

     1.   Stop or don't smoke.

     2.   Use tooth friendly toothbrush to brush at least twice daily.

     3.   Reduce the intake of alcohol.

     4.   Consume nutritional diets.

     5.   Limit daily stress.

     6.   Vitamins should be taking (folic acid and B-complex).

     7.   Rinse or gargle regularly with warm salty water.

     8.   Do not take hot or spicy drinks or food.

     9.   Floss the tooth regularly.

Kindly visit your doctor or dentist if symptoms or pain persist.


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