Infertility in woman refers to a condition whereby woman find it difficult to conceive or get pregnant.

There have been different issues with broken homes due to female infertility. Infertility can be
caused by different problems such as hormonal problems, physical problems and environmental


Causes of infertility in woman include:

     1.   Exposure to chemicals (Ethylene, Lead).

     2.   Poor nutrition or malnutrition .

     3.   Repeated surgery.

     4.   Smoking.

     5.   Having hypothalamus and pituitary gland not functioning properly.

     6.   Infections (Sexually transmitted,viruses and bacteria).

     7.   Drugs (steroids and marijuana).

     8.   High intake of alcohol.

     9.   Repeated abortion.

     10.   Ovulatory disorders.

     11.   Blockage of fallopian tubes.

     12.   Uterus irregularities.

     13.   Damages to the ovaries.

     14.   Experiencing abnormal menopause at abnormal age.

     15.   Inability to produce mature eggs.

     16.   Abdominal and pelvic disorders.

     17.   Fibroid.

As we have seen the causes of infertility in woman, then we should look at ways in which infertility can be turned to fertility in woman.

Visit your doctor if you have any of the above mentioned problems or cause and if you are having

issues conceiving. You can also read on ways a woman can become fertile here.


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