Vaginal yeast infection refers to an infection that as to do with the

vaginal and caused by a fungus known as candida albicans. The

infection can affect both children and adult. In every healthy

woman there is a small amount of yeast in the vagina. As this yeast increase or grow above

normal growth then it becomes an infection which will require medical attention. At least 40%

of woman have more than two yeast infection during there life time.

Factors that can increase the risk of been affected with vaginal yeast infection are;

     1.   Poor diet or nutrition.

     2.   During pregnancy.

     3.   Inadequate sleep.

     4.   High diabetes rate that is not properly controlled.

     5.   Stress.

     6.   Poor immune system.

     7.   Use of certain medications(antibiotics).

     8.   Sickness.

     9.   Menstrual period with hormonal changes.

Symptoms associated with vaginal yeast infection include;

     1.   Rash around the vaginal area.

     2.   Experiencing pain during sexual intercourse.

     3.   Continuous Itching in the vaginal area.

     4.   During urination you feel pain.

     5.   Odorless vaginal discharge that looks whitish and thick.

     6.   Swelling, burning, redness and sore around the vaginal

Prevention can take the following ways;

     1.   Underwear should be washed properly advisable with hot water.

     2.   Do not wear tight pants.

     3.   Do not bath with very hot water.

     4.   Stay away from hot tubs.

     5.   Discontinue or stop douching.

     6.   Change your menstrual pads regularly.

     7.   Cotton under wear is advisable to avoid moisture.

     8.   Remove wet clothing as quick as possible to avoid it in the genital area.

when symptoms are noticed kindly visit your doctor for treatment.

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