Driving to some people could be interesting or

could be an hobby or making a living (income).

Driving with care will save your life. Many

people died because of one slight reason or the

other when driving.

Some helpful tips for save and healthy driving

are listed below;

     1.   Do not eat or drink while driving.

     2.   Alcohol should be avoided before and during driving.

     3.   Always use your sit belt while driving no matter the distance.

     4.   Switch off the air-conditioning unit when passing through water logged area.

     5.   Do not over-speed.

     6.   Use the kilometer speed level assigned to the road.

     7.   Do not use your phone while driving.

     8.   Avoid managing bad tyres and use the specified gauge level.

     9.   Always check that your brakes are working well.

     10. Do not smoke while driving.

     11. Don't sleep while driven.

     12. Do not drive if tired.

     13. Be conscious about other road users.

     14. Do not stunt driver because you want to impress someone.

     15. Make sure your headlamps are working properly for night driving.

     16. Do not drive when you feel pain or stiffness.

     17. If you have hearing and vision problems do not drive.

     18. Blood pressure must be normal and not above 134/90.

     19. Leave enough space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front.

In general make sure the vehicle you are going to drive is in good condition and safety conditions

have been meet. Also, if you have any medical illness consult your doctor for treatment before

thinking of driving.


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