Arthritis refer to a problem that as to do with the joints. It is the

inflammation of one or several joints in the human body.The causes of

arthritis could be as a person age, injury,immune disorder,
infection, obesity, family trace or wear and tear of cartilage at the joints.

There are two main types of arthritis,which are:

Rheumatoid arthritis - This type of arthritis is any disorder of the tendons, bones, joints, nerves

and muscles depicted by disability,discomfort and pain.

Osteoarthritis - This is another type of arthritis whereby older people are affected which is

caused by degeneration of the synovial membrane of the joint and cartilage leading to

stiffness and pain.

Symptoms of arthritis include;

     1.   Redness of the affected area.

     2.   Reduction in the movement of the joint.

     3.   Pain in affected areas.

     4.   Stiffness.

     5.   Swelling of the joint or affected area.

Prevention can be carried out in the following ways;

     1.   Do not or stop smoking.

     2.   Reduce the level of alcohol intake (preferably stop).

     3.   Increase the amount of water intake.

     4.   Injuries should be treated properly.

     5.   keep a favorable body weight.

     6.   Calcium consumption should be increased.

     7.   Vitamins and diets rich in vitamins should be taken at an incremental level.

     8.   Exercise regularly so as to keep the joints moving.

     9.  A little stretching can help.

Kindly visit your doctor for symptoms noticed on your body and always try to get full treatment.


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