Meningitis refers to the inflammation of the meninges around the brain

and spinal cord. Meningitis

can be of two main types which are;

Viral meningitis - It is caused by virus and does not cause serious illness. 

Bacteria meningitis - It is caused by bacteria,usually very serious and can cause death or brain


The bacteria meningitis is rare but the viral meningitis is more common. Meningitis can affect

any body but mostly common with children, teenagers and young adults. Also people that has

poor immune system and pregnant woman can be affected with meningitis.  The early stage

or the symptoms of meningitis can start within few hours or a day to infection. Infection can

be through sneezing, close contact and coughing. Other causes of meningitis are;

     1.   Allergies (drugs).

     2.   Fungi.

     3.   Parasities.

     4.   Irritation (chemical).
The symptoms of meningitis include;

     1.   Loss of appetite.

     2.   Photophobia (been sensitive to light.

     3.   Difficulty sleeping.

     4.   Headache.

     5.   Feverish condition.

     6.   Stiffness in the neck or the baby's body.

     7.   Chills.

     8.   Vomiting.

     9.   Myalgia (muscular pain).

     10. Concentration difficulty.

     11. Always crying in infants.

     12. Waking up difficulty.

Meningitis can be prevented in the following ways;

     1.   Be sure to wash your hands before and after eating, after the use of toilet.

     2.   Immunization.

     3.   Good hygiene should be practice by not sharing your foods, straw and drinks.

     4.   Maintaining a good healthy system by engaging in regular exercise, eating nutritional diet

           which entails vegetables, whole grains and fresh fruit.

     5.   Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough.

     6.   Avoid people that has meningitis.

     7.   Separate people with meningitis from the public.

Kindly visit your doctor if any of the symptoms highlighted above is noticed.


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