14 Simple Ways To Treat And Prevent Headache

Headache is associated to pain around the head. It can be very disturbing making a person react to simple things.
The type of headache common to over 80% of the world population is tension headache which is a mild contracting sensation around the head.

Below are 14 simple ways to prevent headache;

Keep fit with healthyweight: Weight is a risk factor in headache. It is said that being excessively overweight can cause migraine reoccurrence. Also, study shows that overweight can cause periodic headache to serious headache. It is recommended to take dietary foods and do regular exercise so as to keep a healthy weight.

Reduce gum chewing: Research shows that chewing gum for a prolonged period affects the jaw muscles which eventually may lead to headache. It is advised that gum chewing should be minimal and intense muscular activity should be reduced above the neck region.

Eating frequently not particularly big: The body get used to an eating pattern which means that you feel hungry at that time when the body requires food. If you fail to eat there is all possibility that you may have headache. It is recommend that you eat as at when necessary and eat nutritional food such as pumpkin seed and spinach.

Applying Ice on forehead: It is advised that placing an ice cube or cold cloth on the forehead when in pain of headache can help give short term relieve or put an end to recurring headache.

Go for massage: Getting or receiving a 25 minutes message can help treat people suffering from reoccurring headache. Research study shows that People suffering from migraine tends to sleep better and have less pain after receiving massage.

Avoiding the sun: It is said that the sun is a source of vitamin D but that is the early morning sun. Try avoiding sunny afternoon as the sun temperature is high which can trigger migraine. Try drinking lots of fluids, seek shady environment and use sunglasses as this will help prevent headache.

Reduce alcohol consumption: Alcohol plays a role in having headache. Every person has different level in which their body reacts to alcohol intake. Excessive drinking of alcohol will make a person have hangover. It is recommended that one should drink reasonable and try to sip water during alcohol consumption as acohol and dehydration are pals.

Don’t stay dehydrated: Consuming liquids should be do all day long and not when eating or undergoing physical activities. It is recommended to consume between the range of 10 - 14 cups of water daily and or other form of liquid such as low fat milk. Also note that headache is one of the earliest sign of dehydration. Try to stay hydrated.

Regular schedule should be adhere to: Change in normal activities can trigger migraine. Activities like not eating at regular time or not sleeping at regular or not having enough sleep can cause a person to have headache. This can be prevented by sticking to regular activities the body is used to.

Getting enough Rest: Resting or sleeping is a good way of preventing headache. Headaches can occur if you try to fight sleep as at the time your body calls for it. Some people even try to overwork themselves when it is time for them to take that nap or sleep because of report submission. On the long run they might be hit with headache. It is recommended that a person suffering from headache should rest properly and in some cases rest in a dark environment where there is no trace of light. Over the counter medication can help.

Minimise stress: Stress is one of the contributing factor in having headache. The more stress you underdo the more frequently you have headache. Doctors recommend that you stay clear from stressful activities and relax frequently to relieve the tension in the nerves and calm your worries.

Hot shower taking: Taken hot shower can help prevent or stop headache as people tend to prefer place cold items than hot items during natural treatment. A light breakfast that include a cup of coffee and a warm bath can help relieve early morning headache.

Go easy on computer usage: People spend long hours in the office or home office focusing and steering on their computers. This long period affects the eyes which in return gives headache. It is advise that looking away from the computer, taking breaks at intervals and doing some 5 – 10 minutes light exercise like moving around, stretching the body will help prevent having a headache.

Identity food triggers: Stay away from certain food that trigger headache. It is actually different for every person as what causes migraine in a person A may be good for person B. It is recommended to avoid such foods when noticed but if you can’t do without such food, you can recall in bit and gradually. 


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