6 Key Ways To Be Happy

Is there a best way to be happy? It all depends on the way you think about life itself. A person can learn to be happy and also there some things that can be done to be a happier person.

Making yourself happy all depends on you. You need to decide which way you need to be happy.

Below are 6 key points a person need to do to be happy;
Getting a pet to play with: Revealed by study that having a pet to play with for about some minutes helps to produce oxytocin, prolactin and serotonin present in mood enhancement and reducing stress and depression. Get yourself a nice pet and get happy.

Consuming of green leaf: Consuming dark green leaf rich in folate such as spinach help produce dopamine in the brain which help reduce depression and wrong mood making you to be happy.

Smiling regularly: Smiling goes a long way in helping to fight depression as it helps in putting you in a happy mood. Study shows that the more you smile the better your happy mood and the more you produce good result.

Consume some tea and coffee: Drinking of black coffee and taking of green tea helps to reduce the risk of depression. Study shows that people who drink coffee and or green tea regularly have a lower risk of depression than those who do not.

Staying in a brighten environment: Research reveals that being in a brighten environment helps to keep you in a happy mood. Your work area or home should be kept bright always so as to make you feel happy.

Getting some sunlight: Also getting some amount of sunlight (vitamin D) does help lighten the mood as study shows that people with less vitamin D tend to be tired and depressed. If you are not in a good mood step out into the early morning sunlight to refresh yourself with some amount of vitamin D.


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