10 Simple Ways To Prevent Smelling Vaginal

The most important and delicate part of a woman is the vaginal. The vaginal can be prone to infection if not taken care of properly. 
It is a most that woman give required attention if they want a healthy vaginal. There are several infection that can affect the vaginal if care is not given to it. Vaginal odor can also be caused by infection. Some even smell like rotten fish. In this article we are going to look at how the vaginal can be taking care of.
It is a point to note that the vaginal of some woman does smell but all woman private part does smell during their menstrual period.
How would you feel if your man complains of your vaginal smelling? Some relationship as crashed because of this same issue of smelling vaginal.

Below are the few ways you can care for the vaginal and to make it smell free;

- During menstruation always shave the hair at your private part as this add up to the smell from the     menstrual discharge. This smell increases because there is no ventilation. There is no air coming in     and you cannot expose your vaginal in public. You are all padded up.

- Do not use razor to shave. You can use shaving stick.

- Change your sanitary pads regularly and at intervals for woman with heavy flow.

- When you use the toilet after excretion, whip from front to backwards. Do not wipe from backwards    to front.

- Always wash the vaginal with clean warm water after toilet use, at intervals or before going to bed     at night.

- Never use perfume related material for cleanup.

- Do not use soap to wash your vaginal.

- Eat loads of fruits such as pineapples, strawberry to make it clean and smelling good.

- Drink plenty of liquid such as water as it helps to flush the system.

- Do not eat groundnut, peanut and other high odor food item before meeting your husband so as not     to have smelling vaginal.

If the vaginal smells as a result of infection, it is advisable to visit your doctor so as to ascertain the kind or type of infection you are suffering from. 

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