11 Types Of Headache Causes And Treatment

Headache is the continuous pain felt in the head.  There are different triggers that can cause a person to have headache.
The brain itself does not suffer from pain but blood vessels, brain chemical, surrounding tissues and nerves are what causes the pain.
The main purpose of this article is to point out the types of headache. Below are 11 types of headaches, their causes and possible treatment;

Orgasm headaches: Orgasm headache could sometimes be refered to as headache at climax. It is more common to young people but rare. It happens shortly after sexual intercourse. A pain reliever may help to subdue the pain. It is also possible that this headache is as a result of more serious problem which require a doctor’s visit.

Tension headaches: Tension headache are the most common type of headache in the world. This headache are mostly triggered by bad posture, stress, clenching your jaw and anxiety. The main cause of this type of headache is yet to be determined but expert says it could be mixed signal in nerves around the brain. This can be treated with pain relieve medication like acetaminophen or aspirin.

Menstrual headachesThis is a headache that as to do with menstrual cramp. Different women with their own timing as this occur between six days before and two days after. Over the counter pain relieve medication and magnesium supplements can be helpful.

MigrainesMigraines are another form of severe headache that are painful and caused or triggered by stress and change in eating or sleeping pattern. Treatment could be use of medications such as triptans or acetaminophen.

Emergency headaches: Emergency headaches as the name implies could be a headache that happens instantly which could be from a blow to the head or very high blood pressure. You can have symptoms like dizziness, vision change, stiff neck or muscle weakness. This type of head requires emergency services as the issue attached to this headache may be serious.

Dental headaches: A headache caused by bad jaw alignment, arthritis that as to do with muscle or cartilage, night grinding of the teeth, bad posture and stress are called dental headaches. Treatment can be stress reduction, bite guards and hot or cold packs and a visit to the dentist will help in the treatment.

Early morning headaches: This headache happens when you wake up in the morning. The cause of this headache may not be specific. It could as a result of dental headache, medication, migraine and it could be from an alignment. Visiting the doctor if issue is severe will be of help.

Rebound headaches: This type of headache occurs from overuse of nasal medications. Continuous use of pain killers like aspirin at intervals or twice a week can cause you to have rebound headache. It is advisable not to treat this issue yourself. A visit to the doctor will help so as to remove the pile of medication already in the system.

Ice headache: This headache happen as a result of consuming cold items like exposure to cold weather, cold drinks, ice cream, cold water or anything associated to extreme cold. Way of treatment is to back off from anything cold and can also gently take some warm water.

Cluster headache: This headache is a type that happens regularly within a short period. It last for about few minutes or hours. It is less common in woman but more common in men. There may be tears or redness in the eyes. Cluster headache could be very painful and mostly affect one side of the head. Triggers for this include certain foods, cigarettes and alcohol. Form of treatment could be triptans but consult your doctor.

Weekend headaches: This is a headache that happen as a result of accumulated stress done during the week which show up at weekend. This can also be caused by oversleeping. Treatment could be going back to your regular sleeping schedule or pain relieving medication. 


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