Health Kit

Health kit is a very important package which is useful for everybody. No one can say when an urgent medical supply is needed but with the help of health kit at arms reach, people’s life will be saved.
The content of a health kit depends on where and who uses it. You can find them in our homes, churches, construction site, offices, cars, hand bags, war, emergency period like natural disasters, sporting event etc.

The health kit may include the following and may be added to as the need arises;

-  Small, medium and big sterile gauze dressings,
- Two sterile eye dressings or more,
- Crêpe rolled bandages or triangular bandages,
- Antiseptic cream,
- Multivitamin,
- Safety pins,
- Disposable sterile gloves,
- Spray or cream to relieve insect stings and stings,
- Tweezers,
- Eye bath and eye wash.
- Alcohol-free cleansing wipes.
- Sticky tape,
- Digital thermometer most preferably,
- Antacid,
- skin rash cream, such as hydrocortisone or calendula,
- Pain relievers or pain killers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol (or infant paracetamol for children), aspirin (should not be given to children under the age of 16),
- Plasters in a variety of different shapes and sizes,
-Medicine for cough,
- Tablets for antihistamine,
- Water for cleaning wounds (distilled),
- Scissors,
- Heating pad or instant hot packs
- Hand sanitizer
- Portable ice packs for injuries etc.

Personal health kit can contain the items list above with items such as;

- Your health insurance contact information
- A copy of your health insurance card,
- Names and phone numbers of the health care providers actively involved in your care
- Copies of pertinent medical records such as immunizations, notes/labs related to illnesses or chronic conditions.

The Emergency Health Kit (EHK) as mention above consists of two different units called;

- Basic Unit
- Supplementary Unit

A full EHK contains 10 Basic Units and one Supplementary Unit.

Basic Unit;

The Basic Unit contains essential medicines that are limited to oral and external use and medical equipment for helpers with basic medical knowledge.

Supplementary Unit;

The Supplementary Unit most times contains medicines and medical equipment for over 5,000 persons and can only be used by skilled helpers.

Any medicines or medical equipment already contained in the Basic unit will not be in the Supplementary Unit. Hence, the Basic and the Supplementary Unit always have to be used together.


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