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Earwigs And Prevention

There are times when earwigs will find a way into the house, which can be so freaky.

Bugs With Pincers - Earwigs

So, what are these bugs with pincers?

What is an Earwig?

There are more than twenty types of earwigs .Some species produce a foul smelling liquid that they use for defense. Earwigs also produce a pheromone (scent).  Scientists believe that this pheromone is the reason that earwigs cluster together in large numbers. These tiny 5/8-inch, dark-brown bugs are mainly harmless nuisances. Earwigs are insect that mostly like to feed on dead plant material. This is the reason why you will often time find them in garden areas. The earwig is generally a nocturnal insect that hide during the day in crevices, cracks, and under items until it is night time, then they will start to move about and feed. Earwigs, generally, do not do enough eating to cause any damage to gardens or your home. Earwigs are relatively fast moving. They run away quickly when the ground litter is moved, uncovering them.

Do Earwigs (also known as Pincer Bugs) Really Pinch?

There is a saying that earwigs enter into the ears of people while they are asleep. This is a myth and without any scientific backing. Earwigs scare many people due to the pincers on the back of their abdomens. They have no interest in crawling into your ear and laying eggs. Earwigs use these pincers for defense and for sparing with rival earwigs. The pincers are used in holding prey and mating. Their abdomen are intensely muscular to support the leverage needed to operate the pincers.
Where is Earwigs hiding place?

As with any other type of insect with multiple species, biology and habits vary. Most earwigs generally prefer cooler, undisturbed wetlands. Earwigs can be a serious pest in the garden if the conditions are good. If the soil cover, damp soil and food are sufficient, the earwigs will be fine. If you have debris near your home, the earwigs will move and enter your home. Remove stones, piles of leaves, leaves in the gutter, logs, ivy along the walls and firewood. Pincer insects live in these closed and dark areas. Prevent insects from entering your home by masking and altering windows, doors and pipes, and all entrances near the floor.

Earwigs Feeding

Earwigs typically feed on live sprouts or decaying vegetation and, in rare cases, some species are predators. They are a favourite meal of hedgehogs and yellowjacket wasps. They are scavengers and omnivores, and will change their diet to suit their environment.

Earwig are Nocturnal

Earwigs are active at night. During the day they hide in cracks in damp areas. They live under rocks and logs and in mulch in flowerbeds. Earwigs eat plants and insects.

Is Earwig attracted to lighting?

Earwigs are attracted to lights. They can be a nuisance on porches and terraces during the summer nights. In the morning they will gather under things like pillows that have stayed out during the night. The strong outer lights draw a large number of earwigs to their windows and doors, where they will try to enter. Reduce the outdoor lighting in your home or use sodium vapor or yellow lights outside that do not attract earwigs.

How did Earwigs get into my home?

Earwigs move into homes to find food or because of a change in weather. They usually wind up indoors while seeking shelter or just happen to wander inside through open doors. Earwigs like areas that are damp, cool areas and may enter homes during extended dry periods.

Sign of Earwigs

Homeowners often find them in areas where there is water – kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries. Earwigs can also find their way into bedrooms and family rooms. They turn up in almost every part of the house, but infestations are rare.

How do Earwigs reproduction?

The females usually lay between 30 and 50 but exact numbers depend on species.  After hatching, the nymphs undergo four to five changes until they become adults. Baby earwigs (nymphs) resemble the adults only that they do not have wings.

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8 Ways Of Preventing And Controlling Bedbugs

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Things To Know About Bedbugs

Bedbugs also known as Cimicidae are tiny and wingless insects that feeds only on blood. The newborns known as nymphs or hatchlings are tiny but visible. The adult grow to about 0.25 inches long. Their shape is oval and flattened. The eggs, Nymphs and adults can be seen with the naked eyes.

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