You need to do regular excercise to burn out excess fat.


Fruits are a good source of vitamin needed by the body.

Being healthy

Healthy home brings about healthy family. keep your environment clean.


Vegetable are rich in nutrients. Enrich the body with nutrients.


Consult your doctor when you notice any strange symptom and when needed.

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Understanding Food Allergies

An "allergen" refers to a substance that causes a food allergy. The larger part of allergens are safe, that is, a great many people are not influenced by them. Individuals with a nourishment sensitivity have an insusceptible framework which responds to specific proteins found in sustenance.

Calorie Needs Of An Healthy Body

A calorie is a unit of vitality. Calories are fundamental for human wellbeing; the key is going up against the appropriate sum. Everybody requires diverse measures of energy every day relying upon size, age and movement levels. More than 11% of Americans' every day calories originate from quick nourishments.

94 Health Reason To Run Away From Sugar Consumption

Sugar as the name implies and from our understanding gives a sweet taste in whatever it is added to. Majority of our food contains sugar. The junks we eat contains lots of processed sugar which is harmful to our health.

7 Health Benefits Of Apple

Apple is considered as one of the healthiest food in the world with the rich content of antioxidant. It is the most consumed and most cultivated fruit in the world. Question are asked, why this fruit is so special, will be seen in its health benefit below;

Health Reason To Consume Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is most time seen as a treat that ought to just be appreciated every once in a while. Given its high fat and sugar content, this is nothing unexpected; overconsumption can prompt to medical issues, for example, tooth rot and stoutness.

9 Health Benefits Of Drinking Warm Lemon Water

Lemon is a common fruit which people don’t know or are ignorant of the benefit they can derive from consuming its juice. The juice can be very acidic but must be taken with care. Consumption should be minimal. The juice can be squeezed into a warm glass of clean water and taken in the morning. The health benefit of lemon juice can be seen below;

14 Health Benefits Of Honey You Don't Know About

Honey has been in use and available since the ancient times. The use and benefits where documented by the early Roman and Greeks. Honey has numerous health benefits, the medicinal and the

20 Health Benefit Of Coconut Water At Your Reach

Coconut water is found inside the coconut fruit. It is one of the purest liquid after water. The water contains important minerals such as natural sugar, potassium, electrolytes, magnesium and calcium.

23 Health Benefit Of Garlic Just For You.

Garlic is grouped under the onion family. It is widely grown all over the world. Garlic can be cooked lightly and eating raw. It can be in a powder form, garlic oil, whole clove and garlic extract. A garlic is a

21 Health Benefits of Carrot You Need To Know

Carrot is a type of food that contain several nutrient useful for the human body. Carrot can be in a whole form, juicy form or powder form. Carrot are of two types; Baby carrot and older carrots.

9 Nutritional Food For Pregnant Woman

The fact of being pregnant overwhelms some woman as they are faced with different taught and

questions. Some pregnant woman tends to uncontrollably while some ask themselves “What kind of

10 Essential Healthy Food For Breast Feeding Mothers

Breast feeding mothers requires lots of intake of nutritional foods which help in the production of

high nutrition milk for feeding of their new babies. Some mothers find it difficult to eat well during

breast feeding as this tends to have negative effect on their babies. What you eat is what you give


Moringa is the most nutritional tree in the world. It is native to areas like Bangladesh, Pakistan and

india. It is also grown in the tropics. Moringa tree is called with different names around the world


Aloe Vera is a plant that can be easily grown individually.Aloe Vera is used for several treatments.


Eating well is living well. What,when and how we eat will determine on how our body will function


Apple is a fruit that is easily accessible to everybody. It is one of the most cultivated tree in the world with

lots of antioxidants and anthocyanins required for good health and the origin of apple started from