21 Health Benefits of Carrot You Need To Know

Carrot is a type of food that contain several nutrient useful for the human body. Carrot can be in a whole form, juicy form or powder form. Carrot are of two types; Baby carrot and older carrots.
Baby Carrot are carrot that are less perfect. They are carrot that have been quoted with chlorine and more expensive to purchase.
Older carrot are the opposite of baby carrot which are less expensive, they are organically grown and recommended for consumption. It is said that regular eating of carrot reduces cholesterol. Also cooked carrot produces more beta-carotene that raw carrots.
The reason why we should consume carrot includes;
Healthy Gums and Teeth: Carrot is helpful in the protection of teeth and gum due to the nature of its crunchy status. They also help in removing teeth particles or left over when been chewed.  It elevates the production of saliva which helps in formation of cavity bacteria.

Improved Eyesight: Vitamin A is necessary in the body. Any person that has inadequate Vitamin A can cause the person to have issue seeing in the dark or at night. Carrot is rich in beta-carotene which produces vitamin A. It Also help fight against macular degeneration. It is advisable to eat carrot so as to prevent illness such as cataract and night blindness.

Useful as antiseptic: carrot can be used to treat wounds and infection either in the powder form or mashed after boiling.

Skin Beauty: Carrot mixed with small amount of honey can be used as facial mask. It is less expensive but useful.

Stroke prevention: A study from Harvard University records that carrot is a good stroke preventer as people that eat more carrot are at low risk than people that eat little carrot.

Glowing Healthy Skin:  The skin is been protected from sun damage due to the antioxidants and vitamin A derived from carrot. It also help prevent dry skin, blemishes, acne and premature wrinkling.

Aging prevention: Another benefit of carrot is that it slows the aging of cells in the body.

Prevention of Heart Disease: Carrot prevents heart related diseases because it contains lutein, alpa-carotene and beta-carotene.

Body cleansing: The vitamin A carrot helps to remove waste quickly. Fat and bile in the liver are reduced and also helps remove toxins in the liver.

Memory improvement: Alkaline elements are found in carrot which help to revitalize and purify revitalize the blood. Carrot also help in memory improvement.

Immune Boosting: Vitamin A found in Carrots assist in building and making the immune system stronger. The nutrients in carrot helps to keep the body and cell healthy. It also serve as defense to the body.

Hypertension: The potassium in carrot assist in checking high blood pressure and also help balance sodium level.
Fertility improvement: The nutrients in carrots aids in boosting male sperm.

Taking carrot juice regularly helps to prevent pregnant woman baby from jaundice

Carrots assist digestion by increasing enzymes, vitamins and supply of the minerals needed.

Carrot prevents digestive disorders and gastric ulcers.

Carrot are used to clear thread worm in children.
Pregnant woman taking regular carrot juice helps to improve breast milk.
Carrot help woman to increase menstrual flow.

Carrot help in blood sugar regulation because of the Carotenoid content.

Carrot consist of falcarinol which assist in reducing cancer risk and help improve colon health.     


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