23 Health Benefit Of Garlic Just For You.

Garlic is grouped under the onion family. It is widely grown all over the world. Garlic can be cooked lightly and eating raw. It can be in a powder form, garlic oil, whole clove and garlic extract. A garlic is a
bulb which contains or houses about 11 to 20 cloves. It is also used for medicinal purposes. The best way to get the best result from garlic is to either crush, chew or cut it into pieces. Cooking it without crushing it may not bring out the best and desired result. Also be aware that you could have bad breath if chewed fresh. The effective minimum is one (1) clove two or three times daily.

Garlic can be beneficial in the following ways;

Garlic is rich in nutrients: It contains nutrients like; Selenium 6%, Manganese 23%, Fiber 1 gram, Vitamin C 15% and Vitamin B6 17%.it is low in calories and has a trace of other nutrients needed by the body.

Garlic help in improving healthy Bone: By taking about two (2) grams of garlic help to decrease estrogen deficiency which has healthy benefit on women bone. Osteoarthritis is also a benefit from garlic.

Cold and Flu: It help in combating of some sickness like flu and cold. Adding garlic into your meal will be very helpful to your health.

High blood pressure and hypertension: Can be reduced because of the active compound found in garlic. For best result the dosage of supplement must be relatively high. You can eat one clove of garlic on an empty stomach to help keep blood pressure under control.

The Cholesterol level found in human can be reduced by garlic which will eventually reduce the risk involved in heart disease. Garlic supplement do affect LDL cholesterol but does not affect triglycerides and HDL cholesterol.

Detoxification effect of garlic: Due to the sulfur containing compound, it helps remove toxic from the body as it activate liver enzymes. It is also known to protect the liver from damage because of the presence of selenium and allicin.

Garlic is known for combating Cancer: Because of the compounds found in garlic namely hydrogen sulfide, researchers believe that this is the reason why garlic is good and helps in preventing cancer cases like; breast, colon stomach, prostate and bladder cancer.

Immune System boosting: Garlic is useful for immune boosting as it contains substance like ajoene and aeruginosa. It also help to fight and stand as anti-infection against virus, fungi and bacteria. It also help to fight yeast, worms and aid digestive issues.

Garlic in raw form can be used to immediately stop itching from rashes and bug bites.

Skin infection: By applying crushed garlic on the affected area one or two time daily will help heal the affected area.

Toothache: Due to the analgesic and antibacterial found in garlic toothache can be relieved Note that it could have gum irritation. Put the crushed garlic on the affected area.

Garlic has been found to assist babies to gain weight while they are in the womb.

Garlic contains high levels of iodine which makes it a very effective treatment for hyperthyroid conditions.

Since Garlic contains vitamin C, Scurvy can be treated with it.

Garlic can also be used in the treatment of bacterial and fungal vaginal infections.

Garlic regulates blood sugar as it enhances the level of insulin in the blood.


It helps to repel mosquitoes.

It assist in wart condition.


Stuffy nose or nasal congestion.

Sore throat.

It can help you lose weight.

Consult your doctor if you have bleeding issues before you can increase your consumption.


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