The Emergency Room In Definition

The emergency room or the ER simply called is an hospital area that is equipped and staffed for the urgent treatment of persons having illness and other medical conditions.

The usage of emergency room is not segmented to specific people but for people that need urgent or immediate treatment. The ER is known for different form of treatment to different form of surgeries. There are different names attached or associated to the emergency room such as; the surgery room, theater room, the operation room etc. The names differ according to location. Some call it convenient care clinic.

Determining the ER to visit or ways to find the nearest emergency room depends on the situation at hand. There are specialized ER for different illness and treatment. There are different hospitals that specialize in different or specific treatment, example are emergency room for heart surgeries, transplant, brain surgeries, child birth etc. There are also emergency room for minor treatment like stiches, broken leg, minor home injuries, ingestion of poisonous food, snake bite etc. Another determinant is the cost associated to ER. One will prefer to go further to get a cheaper ER than go to the ER that is closer to the house.

The Emergency room could be very expensive but it all depends on the type of treatment to be undertaken. Some people have insurance cover while some do not have insurance cover. Some insurance cover sometimes don’t cover all medical bills.  This means that the emergency room prices without insurance defers to emergency room prices with insurance. So it is advisable to check with your health insurance company to know what your cover entails.

The use of patient Advocate and medical bill advocate is advisable for those that are not rich enough to pay instantly for their medical bill but optional for the rich who can afford to pay instantly.

Anytime you feel uncomfortable or you think there is an error with the bill given to you, the departmental or billing manager are there to speak with and also you can look for ways to reduce your emergency room bills


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