20 Health Benefit Of Coconut Water At Your Reach

Coconut water is found inside the coconut fruit. It is one of the purest liquid after water. The water contains important minerals such as natural sugar, potassium, electrolytes, magnesium and calcium.
Coconut water can be refrigerated for not more than three weeks and it is fresher when taken from the coconut directly. The young green coconut contains more water and more of the minerals while the hard brown coconut contains less minerals.

The benefit of coconut water are summarized below;

Reduce Blood Pressure: If electrolytes are not in the proportionate level in the body it could result in high blood pressure. Coconut water contains electrolytes in the proportionate level required by the body and this is why it is recommended that coconut water be drank regularly.

Good looking Skin: Coconut water help people that has skin conditions like skin surface blemishes and acne. It serves as a moisturizer. It can be used for skin toning and skin cleaning up. Products such lotions, conditionals, facial cream and shampoos have evidence of coconut water in them which is the reason why those product perform effectively.

Coconut water can be used in rehydration when there is loss of essential fluid from the body.

Facilitates Digestion: Due to the fiber concentration from coconut water it help to facilitate digestion for those that have digestion difficulty. It also aid reduction of acid reflux occurrence and indigestion.

Boosts Hydration: The coconut water is a type of sport drink which helps to replenish the body from lost minerals. It is far better that the normal sport drink which contains less minerals and more processed sugar. Coconut water contains more minerals and natural sugar.

Weight-loss: For those that are working on weight loss, coconut water is ideal for them as it contains low fat and because of its rich content. It helps control and suppress appetite making you feel satisfied and full.

Good source of Nutrients: Coconut water is far better that other beverages known to us. It can be drank by everybody because of the five (5) electrolyte composition it contains. The electrolytes include sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphorous and magnesium.

Hangover Remedy: The water of coconut help to replace passed out electrolytes which left the body through severe urination and vomiting from those that over consumed alcohol.

Other benefit include:

Aids in kidney function (dissolving and preventing kidney stones, UTI remedy).

Helps balance insulin levels and blood glucose.

Improves eye health (cataracts, glaucoma)

Digestive tonic (rich in enzymes); feeds friendly gut flora.
Anti-aging properties
Improved skin health (elasticity, age spots, wrinkles),

Help to fasten wound healing.

Anti-inflammatory; reduces swelling in hand and feet, Prevents abnormal blood clotting.
Supports good immune function; antimicrobial (contains monolaurin).
Helps prevent osteoporosis.

Constipation and diarrhea remedy.

Anti-cancer properties.


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