9 Nutritional Food For Pregnant Woman

The fact of being pregnant overwhelms some woman as they are faced with different taught and

questions. Some pregnant woman tends to uncontrollably while some ask themselves “What kind of

food should I eat”. Below is a grouped list of food containing nutritional values for pregnant woman;

Calcium helps in the growth and development of teeth, bones and or skeleton. Example include,

Dark green leaf vegetable, Greek yogurt, soy milk cereal and milk.

Fiber food include oatmeal,popcorn and beans. They help in protecting woman against pregnant


Folate helps in baby’s nervous system and brain formation. It is important for pregnant woman to

this type of food as it is a very good source of folic acid. Example include; avocados, Swiss chard, kale

asparagus and spinach.

Omega 3 fatty acid food such as salmon, Sardines, halibut and tuna are good for pregnant woman

and aids in the development of baby’s eyes and brain.

Other foods include;


Sweet potatoes.

Lean meat.



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