14 Health Benefits Of Honey You Don't Know About

Honey has been in use and available since the ancient times. The use and benefits where documented by the early Roman and Greeks. Honey has numerous health benefits, the medicinal and the
nutritional properties of honey is useful as an healing agent. Honey should be taken moderately due to its high level of fructose.

The health benefit of honey include;

Immune system boosting: It helps to boost your immune system so as to fight any form of diseases or infections. A glass of warm water,1/2 portion of lemon juice and 5ml of honey mixed together and drank daily for a short period will help with immune system boosting.

Treatment of wounds: it is discovered that honey helps to treat wounds and some form of skin infection. Applying honey to affected parts regularly during the day and drinking from a composition of a glass of warm water, 1/2 portion of lemon juice and 5ml of honey will help treat wounds. It is also good in helping with burns.

Treatment of yeastinfection: Yeast infection can cause different reactions on an infected person mostly women. The infection can be from sharing of toilet with an infected person, soap sensitivity, bad hygiene and menstruation. The medicinal content called flavonoids in honey help or stand as defense against Candida albicans found in yeast infection disease. Wash your vaginal surrounding properly and apply unprocessed honey. Also use your finger to push some honey into the vaginal and wash after about 12 minutes. Do this at least twice daily and mostly preferable morning and night before sleeping.

Athlete’s energy drink: Due to the high nutrients found in honey athlete’s energy can be replenished. It helps in muscle recovery and also a source of natural energy. It is recommended that honey be added to your drinking water during exercise, workouts and endurance trick.
Dental care (Gum treatment): Because of the antimicrobial substance found in honey, it can be used to fight gum disease. It help to reduce plaque bacteria in the teeth. Honey can be used as past and can also be diluted into water and used as mouth wash.
Memory Boost: Honey can aid in memory boost. It is evidence in the research carried out on menopause women for four months that it helped retain certain memory.

Relieving of seasonal allergies: regular intake of honey helps and assist in fighting allergies.

Sexuality drive: Researcher say that regular consumption of honey help to increase sexual libido. It help to increase estrogen level in women and in men it help to produce high testosterone. It is highly effective for men and women who have low libido. Take advantage of the natural gift and boost your libido level.

Alcohol Metabolizing: It is revealed that taken honey orally can help the body metabolize alcohol by reducing the alcoholic blood level and intoxication.

Reduction in cholesterol level: By adding a tablespoon of honey to your diet daily can help reduce cholesterol in the body. Also make sure you control how much dairy products, meat, eggs.

Cough Relieve: It is proven from study and research that honey taken before bed time help to relieve nighttime cough frequency and also assist sleeping.

Cancer and heart disease prevention: Honey help to prevent certain cancer and heart disease because of antioxidants and flavonoids it contained. It help to prevent low white blood cell count.

Nutrient provision: It is recommended to use honey instead of sugar because honey contain some minerals and vitamins such as calcium, iron, manganese, niacin, copper, riboflavin, magnesium, zinc, potassium etc.

Other gastrointestinal disorders and ulcer reduction: Honey is help in the treatment of ulcer and gastrointestinal disorder.


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