Stomach ulcer also called peptic ulcer is an infection of a kind of bacteria known as Helicobacter

pylori. It is a sore that is painful in the small intestine or could also be the break in

the lining of the stomach. Stomach ulcer does not have a particular cause but variety of factors

can cause the ailment which include;

     1.   Production of calcium in excess.

     2.   Production of excess gastrinima acid can cause stomach ulcer.

     3.   Genetics (family history).

     4.   Smoking.

     5.   High intake of alcohol.

     6.   Food items that contains relatively high acidity level.

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Stomach ulcer has different symptoms but it all depends on how severe the ulcer is. Symptoms

of stomach ulcer may include;

     1.   Burning  pain between the abdomen and the chest.

     2.   After eating or drinking the pain intensifies.

     3.   Stomach pain.

     4.   Expelling of gas from the stomach with high sound (burping).

     5.   Pain in the chest(Heartburn).

     6.   Vomit that contains blood.

     7.   Loss of appetite.

     8.   Anemia.

     9.   Bloody faeces.

     10. Loss of weight.

In preventing stomach ulcer,all you need do is not to do things that will not trigger the pain

and more so,visit your doctor. You can prevent the trigger of stomach ulcer by;

     1.   Reduced consumption of acidic food.

     2.   Do not eat Peppery food.

     3.   Either stop or reduce to the bearest minimum the use of NSAIDs.

     4.   Reduce the intake of alcohol.

     5.   Stay away from smoking or tobacco  related products.

     6.   Eat regularly with out skipping meals.

     7.   Not smoking.

If stomach ulcer is not treated properly, it could have reoccurring effect which can cause more problems.

Kindly visit your doctor if you see any of the symptoms mentioned above.


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