Every married woman would desire to get pregnant. For one reason or the other the chances of getting

pregnant is low. No matter the fertility circumstance you find yourself in, there is always a way out.

Below are some help tips that will assist in improving your fertility chances of getting pregnant;

     1.    Eat diet rich in nutrients.

     2.    Put an end to alcohol intake.

     3.    Have positive thinking on conceiving.

     4.    Do light walk out exercises (yoga).

     5.   Stop smoking.

     6.    Introduce fruits into your diet.

     7.    Have sexual intercourse from 3 days to and during ovulation.

     8.    Take multivitamins (vitamin C, zinc, folic acid).

     9.    Fresh juice intake and not package juice.

     10.  Stop drug abuse.

     11.  Treat yourself of any infection.

     12.  Have sexual intercourse regularly.

     13.  Avoid using chemicals to wash virginal.

     14   Stop using lubricant during sexual intercouse.

     15.  Try not to be overweight or underweight.

     16.  Get enough sleep.

The result from doing the points listed above include;

     1.   Healthy placenta.

     2.   Reproductive system becomes healthy.

     3.   Release of healthy eggs.

     4.   The chances of miscarriage is minimized.

     5.   Hormones becomes balance.

Seek medical attention if you have serious issues with any part of your reproductive organs.


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