The eyes is an important organ of the body that needs to be taking care off. If you close your eyes for

one second,

what can you see?, is a question which indirectly tells you that the eyes needs care and every body

that can see

will never want to experience blindness.

There are different ways of caring for the eyes and can serve as preventive measures, some of

which are highlighted below;

     1.   Avoid looking at the sun directly as this can have negative effect on the eyes.

     2.   Stop smoking as this can affect the eyes causing cataracts.

     3.    Do not wash your eyes with soap. Rinse  with repeatedly with cool not cold water.

     4.   Wear protective glasses during welding.

     5.   Do not expose your eyes to ultra violet rays.

     6.   Feed on proper diet that contains fruits and vegetables (cucumber,carrot and oranges).

     7.   Exercise the eyes regularly.

     8.   Do not put sharp instrument or object in the eyes.

     9.   When the eyes are tired, rest them.

     10. Do not apply salt to the eyes.

     11. Whenever you are into sports, use protective mask to prevent the eyes.

     12. Do not read in poor lighten.

     13. Stop frequent touching or rubbing of the eyes.

     14. Industrial and domestic smokes should be avoided (car exhaust,generator smoke,barbecue


     15. Do not strain your eyes on your computer.

     16. Do not sleep with your contact lenses and do not use it for long period.

     17. When you are in an area or working in an area with air particles,use eye protective glasses.   


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