Caring for the ear is very important because its part of the sense organ of the body. It needs to be cared for

gently and regularly. The ear canal produces earwax that moves towards the opening of the ear. It

could either fall off or be cleaned with wash cloth. The earwax has a function that serves as protection of the

ear from dirts and insect intrusion. A situation whereby water enters the ear canal

causing infection as a result of swimming or bathing is otherwise known or called as swimmers ear. The infected

individual needs to visit the doctor or ear specialist.

The ear can be cared for in the highlighted ways below;

     1.   Do not use sharp objects in cleaning your ear such as broom stick

     2.   When listening to music through your phones or IPOD use ear buds.

     3.   Do not receive phone calls while charging.

     4.   Do not listen to music at high volume level.

     5.   When receiving calls use more of the left ear.

     6.   When air traveling use ear protector because of air pressure.

     7.   Avoid the use of chemicals or harmful ointment to clean the ear.

     8.   Stay away from areas with high noise.

     9.   Try to use ear gear when swimming or sea diving.

     10. Do not stay close to loud speakers at clubs and concert.

     11. Clean your earrings regularly to avoid infection.

When you notice any of the following symptoms, kindly visit your ear doctor;

     1.   Often asking people what they have said repeatedly.

     2.   Cant hear telephone conversation properly.

     3.   Difficulty in hearing discussion.

     4.   If you notice any pain.

     5.   Increment of television volume above normal level.

     6.   Forcing oneself in hearing conversation.

     7.   Detection of scaly areas and bumps in the outer part of the ear.

     8.   When you hear noises in your hear without outside noise.

Always use medications prescribed by your doctor.


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