Appendicitis is said to be an illness in which the appendix is inflamed. The appendix is a small organ near

the bowel. The age bracket in which appendicitis are commonly found is between the ages of

10-30. No research has come up with a study that, this is the particular work the appendix

does. Appendicitis starts with a minor pain and as time goes on the pain becomes mild and

severe. If not treated urgently the appendix becomes swollen and burst or rapture bringing

out infectious materials which can be harmful to the stomach. If not treated urgently with

surgery, it could lead to death.

Appendicitis can be caused through the blockage of the appendix by the following;

     1.   Foreign materials.

     2.   Cancer.

     3.   Faeces

     4.   Tumor.

     5.   Worm.

The symptoms of appendicitis include;

     1.   Vomiting.

     2.   Fever.

     3.   Appetite loss.

     4.   Cramps in the stomach area.

     5.   Experiencing of sharp pain in the abdomen area.

     6.   Diarrhea

     7.   Difficulty in passing gas.

     8.   Urination becomes painful.

9.   Swelling of the abdomen.

10. Constipation.

When any of the symptoms listed above is noticed, visit your doctor timely to avoid the appendix from bursting or rapturing which could start up another fatal issues.


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