14 Ways To Know You Are Having A Migraine

Migraine is a kind of recurrent headache which affects one side of the head. It is said that if physical activities is carried out during this period the pain gets worse.
All over the world a lot of people suffer from migraine as a result of one factor or the other. This factors vary in individual because what causes migraine trigger in one individual can be ok in another individual.
Below are 14 ways in which you can know that you are having a migraine;

Tiredness on one side of the body: Tiredness on one side of the body could be a sign of migraine. It is also advisable to visit your doctor to be sure it’s not a more serious issue.

Changes in mood: Another factor to consider is change in mood. A person’s mood can change due to factors either controllable, uncontrollable or no reason. An individual can get migraine as a result of irritation, excitement and or depression. Studies have shown that there is a relationship between mood swing and depression.

Inability to sleep properly: As it is known that sleeping is rejuvenating the body. This means that, not sleeping well can be a sign to look out for as this can lead to migraine. Common problem associated with people having migraine is having trouble falling asleep or waking up tired.

Food cravings: Study shows that when some people are about to have migraine their appetite for certain food is on the increase. The most common food type which they desire is chocolate.

Pain associated with the eyes: Eye pain can sometime be associated to migraine. When you feel pain at the back of your eyes or the pain is felt on one part of the eyes or both eyes, then this is a sign that you are having a migraine.

Pain in the neck: Neck pain as been said to have a connection with migraine. In a study people complain of having stiff neck or pain in the neck before or during migraine. It is also of note that neck pain is just an early stage of migraine.

Pain and trigger from smell, noise and light: When you feel like staying in a dark and quiet atmosphere you are likely to have a migraine. The reason why sufferers seek refuge in this area is because the bright light and loud noises increases the pain of migraine. Also sufferers avoid smelly area because of the odours which can trigger migraine or increase the pain.

Frequency in urination: Going to the toilet frequently to urinate is a sign that you are about to have migraine which can occur any time from as early as an hour or more prior to the beginning of the pain.

Act of yawning: Research from a study shows that yawning was a sign that an individual is about to be hit by migraine. This means that yawning excessively is a sign of migraine.

Tingling around the body: Having sensational feeling around the body is another sign that you are about to have migraine. The sensation may be inform of pinch like feeling around the body crawling from the fingertips and across the face.

Nausea: Heavy nausea flow is a sign of that you about to be strike with migraine. From a study concluded, people that suffer from  nausea related migraine suffer more pain than people that just have migraine.

Watery eyes and Stuffed nose: Stuffy nose or over straining of the eyes can cause an individual to have migraine. Other ways include tearing, droopy eyelids and clear nasal drainage. Also exposing the eyes to dust can trigger migraine. Double vision is another sign of migraine whereby the sufferer images becomes two.

Migraine from routine activity: Some migraine can be triggered by exercise. Exercise such as routine activities, climbing of stairs and walking can increase the pain of migraine.

Speaking issues: When you are having difficulty in speaking or saying word this could be a sign that you are having a migraine. It is recommended that you visit your doctor to be sure that it is not as a result of a serious issue.


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