Gonorrhea refer to a bacteria infection called the gonococcus (Neisseria

gonorrhoeae) which is transmitted through having vaginal, oral and anal

sexual intercourse with a person who has gonorrhea. This disease
affects the mucous membrane of the urinary tracts and genitals.

Gonorrhea is also know as the CLAP or the DRIP. It is a common disease among men, women and

children. It is transmitted to children during child birth. Symptoms of gonorrhea usually takes time

for it to appear in men but appear faster in woman.

Symptom can come up from two days of infection. Some men and woman do not notice any

symptoms timely which may cause other health related problems.If spread to the blood can cause

arthritis symptoms, rash and fever.

Some of the symptoms of gonorrhea include;

In men;

     1.   Inflammation in the throat.

     2.   Pain during urination.

     3.   Male genital discharge of greenish, yellowish or whitish colour.

     4.   Swollen or increased prostate gland.

     5.   Swollen, painful and increased testicles.

     6.   Itching in the genitals.

In woman;

     1.   Bleeding in the genitals.

     2.   Inflammation in the throat.

     3.   Itching in the genital area.

     4.   Pains during urination.

     5.   Pains at the lower abdomen.

     6.   Soreness.

     8.   Pains around the pelvic.

     9.   Female genital discharge of greenish,whitish or yellowish colour.

     10. Cervix irritation.

     11. Often intention to urinate.

     12. Pain during bowel movements.

In children;

     1.   The mucous membrane in the eyes of the child becomes irritated.

Prevention of gonorrhea is highlighted below;

     1.   Go for regular check-ups mostly if you are a person that is actively sexual.

     2.  Have sexual relationship with only one partner.

     3.   Advisably using latex condoms during all forms of sexual intercourse (both male and female


     4.   The best form of prevention of gonorrhea is sexual abstinence.

     5.   Don't have sexual until all partners have been treated.

     6.   Pregnant woman should be treated before child birth.

Gonorrhea should be treated as soon as possible to avoid further health problems and spreading the

disease among other people. If treatment is delayed in the newly born child it could lead to blindness.


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