The first way of treating or achieving healthy home or preventing any

illness is to keep the home clean and healthy.

Below is a list of ways in which the home can be kept clean;

     1.   Do not microwave your food in plastic containers,glass is preferable.

     2.   Advisable use frozen or fresh foods in cooking not canned foods.

     3.   Filter and, or boil your water before drinking depending on the source of water.

     4.   Be careful on the air-fresheners used in the bathroom, as some contains chemical harmful to


     5.   Do not use toothpaste that contains triclosan for anybody and fluoride for children below

           2years. Do not swallow when brushing your teeth.

     6.   When ever you buy a new shower curtains leave it outside for some days before use and try

           avoiding vinyl shower curtains.

     7.   Keep an eye on your children when they are playing in the compound and swimming in and

           around water.

     8.   Wash your hand regularly before and after food preparation.

     9.   Do not allow grass to fill your compound or surroundings, cut them down.

     10. Remove flammable materials from gas-burner or stove.

     11. Drugs, medications, chemicals and cleaning product should be kept out of the reach of


     12. The surrounds, gutters should be kept clean and free of stagnant water and dirt.

     13. Install smoke detectors around the house.

     14. Food should be stored properly.

     15. Do not run cars or generators inside the house or garage to avoid poisoning from carbon


     16. Source of livelihood for rodents and insect should be eliminated.

     17. Proper ventilation should be achieved, to improve the quality of air inside the house and to

           prevent mold  growth.

     18. Expired drugs or medicine should be disposed properly.

     19. Smoking should not be allowed inside the house.

     20. Before bathing for your children check the water temperature.

     21. To achieve healthy home you must wash your hands before and after eating.

     22. Install stair rails so as to avoid fall injuries.

     23. Gas cylinder for gas burners should be installed outside the house.

     24. Corner areas in the house, most especially the ceiling areas should be cleaned of spider webs


     25. Always clean the house from food that fell on the floor to avoid infants and children from                  
           floor picking.

     26. Use iodine salt when cooking.

     27. Install grab bars in showers and tubs.

     28. Do not use slippery mats in the floors,showers or bathtubs.

     29. Holes and gaps should be sealed to prevent hiding places for insects and rodents.

     30. Dry your cloths outside after washing to avoid mildew.


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