Salmonella refers to an infection caused by salmonella bacteria and as to do with the contamination

of food (food poisoning). This infection occurs when you eat food or drink liquid that contains

salmonella bacteria. some people might not show symptoms but still shed the bacteria in their

faeces. Salmonella can be easily gotten from infected pets or animals such as dogs, farm animals,

cats and humans as this salmonellosis will be present in their faeces. Salmonella is an infection

that affects both the young and adults. It can also contaminate any type of food.

Any person can get salmonella infection if;

     1.   The immune system is weakened (Malaria, AIDS).

     2.   You are working in an health facility, hospital.

     3.   Recent infection by a family member.

     4.   Consumed food that are not well prepared.

     5.   Does not wash hand properly.

     6.   Nonchalant attitude toward cleanliness.

     7.   Does not was fruits before eating.

Some salmonella symptoms includes;

     1.   Fever above 100°F.

     2.   Pain in the abdomen (cramps).

     3.   Vomiting.

     4.   Dizziness.

     5.   Dry mouth or reduced urine as in children.

     6.   Trace of blood in stool.

     7.   Dehydration.

     8.   Nausea.

     9.   Diarrhoea.

     10. Light-headedness

     11. Chills (Cold).

Salmonella can be prevented in the following ways;

     1.   Wash hands thoroughly and carefully after using the toilet, handling raw meat and raw eggs.

     2.   Cook your food properly most especially your meat, chicken and turkey.

     3.   Keep food preparation areas clean always.

     4.   Do not buy cracked eggs.

     5.   Store food in acceptable temperature.

     6.   Avoid public places pending when there is no trace of diarrhoea.

     7.   Stop or avoid the intake of unpasteurized milk.

     8.   Always follow food handling procedures.

     9.   Drink at least 8 - 10 glasses of water every day.

     10. Every time you have a loose bowel drink at least 1 cup of water.

See your doctor for any symptoms noticed or whenever you are feeling ill.


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