Dandruff also known as seborrhea is a type of infection that affects the skin. It is a form of psoriasis

disease. It is also described as a reddish or dry flaky skin scale on the body. It can affect both

the young and the elderly. It appears mostly in areas where there is presence of hair on the body

like the head, armpit and pubic areas, around the nose, scalp and ears. When dandruff is not

treated then the presence of head lies appear. The major reason for dandruff is not taking proper

care of area with hair. It is not contagious.

There is no specific cause of dandruff but it all points out to lack of proper hygiene, which include;

     1.   Not having your bath regularly.

     2.   Not caring for the Hairy areas of the body.

     3.   Poor diet.

     4.   Fatigue which could be through mental or emotional stress.

     5.   Illness that is chronic.

     6.   Immune system deficiency.

     7.   If the person has oily skin or oil production is high.

     8.   Proper hygiene.

     9.   Climatic condition (weather).

Symptoms of dandruff includes;

     1.   Swelling or redness of the skin.

     2.   Skin becoming itchy.

     3.   Having abnormal skin tissue.

     4.   Abnormal eyelid growth.

     5.   Chest rash.

     6.   Eye pain through itchy eyes.

     7.   Sensitivity to light becomes high.

     8.   Inflammation of the lips.

     9.   Whitish dry flaky skin.

     10. Eyelid falling off abnormally.

     11. Scaly scalp or skin.

 Prevention can be carried out in the following ways;

     1.   Eating properly.

     2.   Bathing regularly.

     3.   Caring for hairy areas of the body.

     4.   Using medicated soap or shampoo can be used to fight dandruff.

     5.   Cortisone-based lotions or creams can also help fight against dandruff.

Kindly visit your doctor if symptoms of dandruff are noticed or persist after 3 days.


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