Cataracts refers to a form of disease that affects the effectiveness of the eyes. It has to do with the

lens of the eyes. Cataract means the cloudiness or dullness of lens which distorts light
from getting to the retina. As clear light is unable to get to the retina, vision will be (blurred

vision). The more the cloudiness of the lens the more the vision is blurred which can lead to

blindness. The disease is not contagious but can affect both eyes. Research shows that the

highest cases of cataracts are people between the age grade of 80 and above. This means

that as people of this age grade grow older there chances of having cataracts increases.

Sometimes children can be affected by cataracts from birth due to hereditary defect. Cataracts

are not painful except when they are advance and other eye defects are present.

Symptoms of cataracts include;

     1.   Blur vision.

     2.   Focusing difficulty.

     3.   Second sight (improve reading vision).

     4.   Nearsightedness.

     5.   Double imaging.

     6.   Dull colour vision.

Cataracts can be caused by;

     1.   Exposure to flames.

     2.   Diabetes.

     3.   Aging (mostly older individual from 80years).

     4.   Hereditary enzyme defects at birth.

     5.   Medications (steriod that are inhaled).

     6.   High exposure to ultraviolet light.

     7.   Smoking.

Treatment of cataracts is through eye surgery by removing the dull or cloudy lens and fixing it

with an artificial lens. The eye surgery cost might be expensive but its worth while to under go

the eye treatment. I would advice that medical insurance be undertaking. There are other eye defects

and eye care you need to know.

Kindly consult your doctor or eye specialist when there are any eye changes or problems.


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