Fibromyalgia refers to the disease of chronic joint pain,tenderness and stiffness of the tendors, joints and

muscles. It is also known as fibrositis.One will call this disease a female disease as it affects over

78% woman over the world but it does affect young, elderly, men and children. The age range of

woman that are affected by this disease are between 34 and 56. This disease can affect on it own

or can be part of another disease like lupus. One thing to note is that this disease is not life

threatening, it does not cause deformity in the body structure nor does it affect the organs of the

body. fibromyalgia affects places like the back of the head, shoulders, hips, elbows, breastbone

sides and knees.

The symptoms of fibromyalgia include;

     1.   Pain.

     2.   Bowel not functioning properly.

     3.   Tension.

     4.   Tiredness.

     5.   Extreme fatigue (about 89% of patient).

     6.   Anxiety.

     7.   Inability to sleep well.

     8.   Been very restless.

Fibromyalgia can be prevented in the following ways;

     1.   Areas of the nodular and tender should be gentlly massage.

     2.   Exercise the affected parts gently with gradual increment.

     3.   The affected parts should be kept warm and at rest.

     4.   Do not over work the affected areas in order to avoid nerve pains.

     5.   fibromyalgia diet is also helpful to ease joint pain and fibromyalgia treatment.

Consult your doctor for better fibromyalgia treatment if disease persist for more few days.


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